GTP Performance of the Authority Evaluated

The performance status of the first GTP of the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority was evaluated.
The performance evaluation was conducted in the presence of State Minister of Culture and Tourism, Her Excellency W/ro Tadelech Dalecho.
During the evaluation, Director of the Planning, Fallow up and Evaluation Directorate of the Authority, Ato Samuel Siyoum has presented the five years performance report of the authority.
Members of the management committee of the Authority have also given explanations on the performance of the Authority.
Authority’s Director General Ato Dawud Mumie indicated that the performance of the Authority regarding the five year (2003-2007 E.C) GTP is generally good.
The State Minister on her part stated that the general performance of the Authority is encouraging.
She added that some of the major accomplishments such as the ivory destruction event and the ratification of the regulations ensuring the legal personality of the protected areas should be included properly in the report.
In the same meeting, the performance report of the 2007 E.C. fiscal year, work plans of the second GTP, and the work plan of the 2008 E.C fiscal year was presented and evaluated. The state minister remarked that the 2nd GTP goals should be put in a way that brings about real transformation in the sub-sector.