Government Works to Strengthen Tourism Sector

State minister of culture and Tourism, Her Excellency Woizero Taddelech Dalecho stated that the government has been working strenuously to further intensify the growth of the tourism sector.
The state minister stated this in the speech she delivered at the graduating ceremony of scouts held on 20th of April 2015 at Defense Techniques Training Centre of the ministry of Defense based at Awash Arba.
In the speech, the state minister indicated that the government has extended strong attention to the sector so as to secure proper benefit from it.
Expressing that such training of scouts is part of strengthening the efforts being made to conserve protect parks, she indicated readiness of government to support them.
Ato Dawud Mume, Director General of the Authority on his part advised the trainees to discharge off responsibilities entrusted to them effective applying the lessons they drawn from the training effectively.
In the training session, the trainees were given lessons on military tactics, patrolling techniques, basic wildlife management, principles of wildlife laws of Ethiopia, good governance, team work, personal hygiene and financial management.
The training was organized by the Sustainable Development of Protected Area System of Ethiopia (SDPASE).