Frequently Asked Question

Wildlife Development and Protection DirectorateQ: Is it possible to buy wildlife products as souvenirs from Ethiopia and take it home?
A: It is possible for a few species only from registered wildlife product dealers. The species list can be found from Council of Ministers Regulation No.163/2008; Council of Ministers Regulation to provide for Wildlife Development, Conservation and Utilization. (Regulation No.163/2008) Registered Wildlife Products dealers in Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority.(Read the full list of wildlife products dealers )
Q: Is it possible to have Elephant Ivory jewelry in Ethiopia?
A: It is illegal to have Elephant Ivory Jewelry in Ethiopia. If you are traveling to Ethiopia either as a tourist or transit passenger make sure you are not having Elephant Ivory Products or any other wildlife products which do not have permits from a competent authority from the country which you are coming.
Q: Is it possible to do research in Ethiopia on Wildlife and Their Habitat?
A: Yes it is possible . However you have to have a research permit based on the research guide line of EWCA. You can find the research guide line on the following link (The link for the doc will be inserted)
Q: Can I travel to Ethiopia with my Wildlife Pet?
A: Yes you can. However your Pet should have the authentic Health Certificate; It should have also CITES Permit from the competent authority in your country of residence if your Pet is a CITES listed species.
Q; Is it possible to buy Live wildlife like Birds and Reptiles from Road side dealers?
A: It is illegal to buy live wildlife from roadside dealers and you will be prosecuted if you do so. Therefore, to make you stay in Ethiopia pleasant and enjoyable avoid buying live wildlife and wildlife products from roadside dealers.

Wildlife Utilization DirectorateQ: How can we get hunting license in Ethiopia?
A: Please read the default in regulation No 163/2008 (Download Regulation No.163/2008) wildlife utilization edited 18th February 2009.
Q: What are the precondition to carry out research and live wildlife trade and information about the entrance fee of the National parks?
A: please refer regulation No 163/2008.
Q: How can we establish a lodge in protected area of Parks and Sanctuary?
A: Environmental Impact assessment is a ground rule to establish a lodge in Protected Areas
Please refer in Duties and responsibility of Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority 575/2008. (Download Proclamation 575/2008 No.163/2008)
In addition to the above information a new guideline which will be practically applied and legalized in the near future will be list all detail procedures.