Internal Audit

The Internal Audit director is accountable to the Director General.

The mission of the Internal Audit Directorate is to provide independent, objective assurance and support designed to add value and improve the Authority activities and systems of internal controls.

Scope of work
The scope of audit coverage is wide and no Directorate, National parks and Sanctuaries of the Authority is exempt from audit and review.
In order to fulfill its mission, the Internal Audit Directorate must determine whether the Authority net work of risk management, control, and governance processes, as designed and represented by management, is adequate and functioning in a manner to ensure that:

  • Risks are appropriately identified and managed.
  • Interaction occurs as needed between the various Directorate and Stakeholders.
  • Operations are transacted in accordance with sufficient and adequate controls.
  • Employee actions are in compliance with policies, standards, procedures, and applicable laws and regulations.
  • Programs, plans and objectives are achieved.
  • Resources are acquired economically, used efficiently, and adequately protected.
Duties and responsibilities

According to Financial Administration Council of Ministers Regulation 190/2010 The Internal Audit Directorate of EWCA has unlimited power of audit over the whole range of finance, property and activity of the Authority.

Internal Audit Directorate and its staff have responsibility to:

  1. Carry out financial audit including accounts of grants, loans and internal revenue, and performance audit of the Authority.
  2. Submit for approval to the General Director of EWCA, the work plan of audit of the following year and communicate the same to the MOFED Inspection Directorate.
  3. Report to the General Director of EWCA, the result of audit its carried out, notify the same to the MOFED Inspection Directorate by a copy of report, follow up the implementation of measures of prescribed by the MOFED Inspection Directorate on the basis of their recommendation in audit report and communicate the result to the General Director and MOFED Inspection Directorate.
  4. Maintain a professional audit staff with sufficient knowledge, skills, experience and professional certification to meet the requirement of the above responsibilities.
  5. Review the Authority’s Antifraud program and practices with Ethics Unit.
  6. Investigate on suspected fraudulent activities within the Authority and notify the General Director about the results.
  7. Serve as a resource to the Authority in identifying the need for and characteristics of adequate systems of control.
  8. Assist the management in any other way in connection with its duties and responsibilities.
Contact:  Alef Ababu
Internal Audit Directorate Director. Tele +251-115-502-875(office) Fax:. +251-115-546-804 P.O.Box 386