National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries Coordination

The National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries Coordination director is accountable to the Director General.

Duties and Responsibilities

    1. Strategize plans & implementation of activities for the proper conservation and development of wildlife in National Parks and Sanctuaries;
    2. Coordinate the protection, conservation, research, monitoring, infrastructure development, tourism and community conservation activities in protected areas;
    3. Investigate and disseminate new techniques and strategies for proper management of the National Parks and Sanctuaries;
    4. Establish conducive environment to protect illegal activities that have adverse impact on National Parks and Sanctuaries;
    5. Create safe and comfortable environment in National parks and Sanctuaries to maximize tourist satisfaction;
    6. Identify and propose conflict resolution mechanisms to reduce the negative impact of local communities in National parks and Sanctuaries;

    7. Develop projects to benefit local communities around protected areas and encourage them to actively participate in wildlife conservation and development activities;

    8. Carry out Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for any investment and other development activities within and around protected areas and take appropriate action;
    9. Carry out and monitor the routine conservation and protection activities in wildlife protected areas;
    10. Monitor possible manmade and natural changes on wildlife and their habitat;
    11. Make use of attractive features within and around protected areas for ecotourism development;
    12. Establish mechanisms to benefit local communities around wildlife protected areas from the sector;

    Kumera Wakjira National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries Directorate Director.

    Tele: +251-115-504-842(office)