EWCA Welcomes New Director General

By Mebratu Hailu

The newly assigned Director General Dawud Mume introduced himself to EWCA management members in the authority meeting room in the presence of H.E Tadelech Dalacho, State Minister of Culture of Tourism Ministry, on November 11, 2013.

The Director General said, “This year key activity is organizing information and communicating the services we deliver for the public”. He added that, “identifying exemplary activities and expanding to other protected areas are also vital to accelerate developmental activities in wildlife habitats.”

H.E Tadelech Dalacho, in her part, said that, “EWCA should identify challenges in the protected areas in their order of emergency. Those serious problems that hinder PAs to become attractive destination for tourists must be solved this year,”she stressed.

The new Director General, Dawud has been served in both governmental and business organizations. Before his new assignment in EWCA, he has served as head of government communications affairs office in West Hararge Zone, similarly he has accomplished many tasks while he was leading culture and tourism bureau of West Hararge Zone.

Trained in Management from Haromiya University and Leadership in Professional Diploma, he carried out activities for Coca Cola Company of Dire Dawa District as a Promotion and Marketing Agent. In addition to this, he has been assigned as a Dean, Program Coordinator and Councilor for Lucy College of Chiro Campus.

During the ceremony, all directors introduced not only their names and departments in which they working but also their main tasks and problems facing in the course of achieving the goals set for each working division.


H.E Tadelech Dalacho, State Minister of Culture and Tourism while introducing the newly assigned Director General Dawud Mume to Management members of EWCA.