March 8 Celebrated

The employees of the Ethiopian Wild Life Conservation Authority have celebrated the International women’s Day (March 8) on 30th of March 2015, at the Authority’s meeting hall.
Organized by the Women and youth Affairs Directorate of the Authority, the day was celebrated in the presence of directors of the various directorates and, female and male employees of the Authority.
At the opening session, Ato Kumera Waqjira, director of the National Parks and Sanctuaries Co-coordinating Directorate and representative of the Director General said that the participation of women in the overall activity is decisive for the wellbeing of the society.
Mean while, advisor of the Director General, Dr, Fanu’el Kebede as well as the two experts of the wildlife conservation, Yemata Asrade and Fedlu Abdella have given explanations to the gathering on the difference between sex and gender, the close association of women to the natural  resources and the roles women would play in the conservation of national resources, specifically the wild life and their habitat.
Besides, the occasion was celebrated by conducting traditional coffee ceremony, sign question- answer contest and presentation of entertaining poems form women employees.
At the end of the occasion, Director of the Women and Youth Affairs Directorate of the Authority, W/ro Ayelech Gugsa expressed her contentment that the important message of the day has been passed to the participants and the celebration is a success.

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