Planning and Programing

The Planning and Program director is accountable to the Director General.

Duties and Responsibilities

    Based on the institutional mission, vision, goals & objectives prepare strategic plans, maintaining its implementation, controlling, measuring the performance based on the balance scorecard use, to ensure the implementation of initiating & encouraging systems, pre-identifying and informing problems and obstacles that may hinder implementation.
    The detail functions of the directorate:
    • Prepare strategic plan & follow up;
    • Prepare action plan. Based on the action plan arrange allocation of budget and summit to ministry of Finance and economic development.
    • Prepare the institution’s balance scorecard guide & follow its performance
    • Prepare monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, nine month and yearly reports; suggest performance indicators of the institution, group and individual in relation to the preset goals.
    • Monitoring and evaluation projects and programs;
    • Prepare development projects in collaboration with concerned body.
    • Evaluate and Suggest development cooperation;
    • Suggest alternative solutions for obstacles that may arise planning and implementation.


    Samuel Seyoum Demeke
    Planning and Programing Directorate Director.
    Tel: +251-115-504-844(Office)

    Fax +251-115-546-804, 
    P.O.Box 386