Training Conducted

Training Conducted

The Women and Youth Affairs Directorate of the EWCA has provided a day long orientation on gender mainstreaming to the employees of the Authority on October 21st 2014 at Gennet Hotel.

The orientation was provided to the employees to enable them consider the women affair in their daily activities in the authority. Besides, it helps them to consider when devising work plans in their respective directorate.

The training was given by the Director of the Directorate W/ro Ayelech Gugsa and an expert of the directorate focusing on the objectives, methods scope, and significance of gender mainstreaming, indications of mainstreaming gender in EWCA, and International and national policies and laws with regard to gender.

During the meeting, employees raised various questions, and forwarded suggestions for which replies were given.

Earlier, in his opening remark, Ato Kumera Wakjira, Director of the National Parks and Sanctuaries Coordination Directorate, representing the Director General indicated that the seminar on gender mainstreaming is very important as it helps employees consider the gender issues in their work and run the business of the Authority effectively.