Wildlife Development and Protection

The Wildlife Development and Protection director is accountable to the Director General.

Duties and Responsibilities

    Being one of the directorates of the authority it identifies and demarcates sites with high wild life diversity and representative ecosystems based on detailed studies. In collaboration with the regional states local communities and other stakeholders the directorate re-demarcates and legalizes the boundaries of existing National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries.. It also protects wildlife and their habitats from various illegal activities including illegal Wildlife Trade.. The directorate provides technical support for both federally and regionally administered protected areas., The directorate being accountable to the director general of the authority; has the following duties and responsibilities:

    1. Identifies sites with high wild life diversity and scenic physiogeographic features and under takes detailed studies on the wildlife in terms of species population status and population structure, habitat condition, etc.
    2. Evaluating the existing and newly established protected areas based on IUCN criteria.
    3. Demarcating and legalizing wildlife protection areas with the participation of local community and other stakeholders.
    4. Advocating for the international recognition of the newly established and demarcated protected areas.
    5. Monitoring wildlife and wildlife products trade based on national law and international conventions and agreements.
    6. Studying Human-Wildlife conflict and taking appropriate measures to solve the problem caused by the conflict.
    7. Identifying and taking measures on seized wildlife products based on the national law and international conventions and agreements.
    8. Establishing a task force from federal to kebele level to control illegal wildlife and their products trade so that a network of information on illegal wildlife and their products trade will be collected, processed and disseminated to concerned national and international stakeholders.
    9. Studying and evaluating the status of endemic and endangered wildlife species in order to protect them.
    10. Reviews research proposals on Ethiopian Wildlife and their habitat submitted from National and International researchers in order to approve or reject research permits based on the Research guideline of EWCA.
    11. Conducts research.on wildlife and their habitat
    12. Conducts regular Wildlife disease surveillance and take immediate action against any kind wildlife disease out break,.

    Contact: Girma Timer,  Wildlife Protection and Development Directorate Director., 
    Email: girmatimer@gmail.com    Tel: +251-115 504843 (Office), +251-911-358888 (Mobile),
    Fax:+251-115-546-804, P.O.Box:386