Wildlife Utilization And Market Expansion

The Wildlife Utilization and Market Expansion director is accountable to the Director General.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Wildlife hunting license delivery for foreign and domestic tourist hunters.
  2. License delivery for traders of live wild life and wild life products.
  3. Giving expert advices and support for regions on wild life protection, development and utilization.
  4. Expert advices and license delivery for customers who are interested in wild life film making.
  5. Expert advices and licenses delivery for foreigners and domestic researchers who are interested wildlife research and study.
  6. Wildlife census for huntable quota setting for huntable species in each controlled hunting area.
  7. Huntable quota(off take) setting for each controlled hunting area with respect to the wildlife census record
  8. Trophy measurement and cross checking the result with the standard trophy level.
  9. Hunting status record of the hunting areas with respect to the quota setting and follow up with respect to the proclamation (FNG 163/2008).
  10. Working in coordination with regional government, National security department, hunting agencies and tourists, so that wildlife utilization will be sustainable.
Contact: Hailay Gebreigziabher
Wildlife Utilization And Market Expansion Directorate, Director., Email: hailayhiwot2011@gmail.com, Tel:. +251-115-502-480(Office), +251914776699 (Mobile), Fax:. +251-115-546-804,
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