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For over 10 years we have worked to build and maintain the reputation our name represents.

Ethiopia is one of the richest countries in wildlife diversity and varied landscape verity which ranges from 4543 masl to the low land of Denakil Depression 110 bsl. The total land covers 1.2 million square km. the country is also endowed with more than 80 languages and multi cultural diversity. Ethiopia is situated in the horn of Africa between 3 and 15 degrees north latitude and 33 and 48 degrees east longitude, and has total projected population of the about 100 million.

Due to varied habitat Ethiopia is mostly known by its affluent endemic species, the country has 325 mammals, 872 bird species, 240 reptiles, 71 amphibians, 200 fish species, and more than 6000 higher plant species. From these, 36 mammals (some recent data indicate 57), 18 bird species, 15 reptiles, 30 amphibians, 40 fish species, and 600 plant species are endemic to Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority is established under proclamation number 575/2008 having the responsibility to undertake appropriate conservation and development of wildlife for its sustainable use, under the mission “To develop and conserve scientifically Ethiopia’s wildlife resources and protected areas through active participation of community and other stakeholders, to bring ecological, economical and social benefits for Ethiopians as well as the global community and pass them to the next generation as a heritage.”

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