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Simien Mountains National Park is endowed with endemic wild flora and fauna, dazzling cliffs; gorges, and mountainous land it is the most spectacular scenic landscape in Eastern Africa. Knife-edged broken cliffs, vast fields of fantastic rock scenery, endowed with an endless profusion of natural beauties. It ranges from 2000 to 4543 masl, Ras Dejen the highest pick in the country. One can track crossing enchanted land to the tip of the country.

An extremely splendid natural scenic spot, the home of wild Goat (Walia Ibex) exceptionally living above 3500masl. Simien where undreamed of experience became on eyes.   

Within a range extended an altitude of 1500 to 4377masl the Bale Mountains National Park is endowed by tracts of mountain grassland, forest and Afro-alpine moorland. The park is known by its diversified wildlife resources and affluent endemic birds and mammals.

Based on the densest wildlife resources and its biodiversity richness the park listed as a tentative UNESCO’s World Heritage site. Ethiopia is one of top ten African birding destination, along with Bale Mountain’s National Park has most popular access for the country’s avifauna. 

One of the country’s Most Important Bird Area, with highest wetland bird diversity which found in the center of Ethiopian Great Rift Valley. A National Park sprawled in an area of 887 square kilometer of which 482 sq km of the park is covered by water, Lake Abijata, Lake Shalla, and Lake Chitu.

The park is bordered by Dinder national park of the Sudan, which up hold its ideal site for an ecological corridor to wildlife conservation, trans-boundary tourism and ecotourism. Above and beyond the affluence of flora and fauna it also enriched in historical, cultural and traditional attractions. 

“The Home of Beisa Oryx”

Awash is the first Ethiopian National Park to be gazette with Simien Mountains National Park, a legendary park that inspires the country in natural conservation.  

Gambella National Park is one of the country’s largest luckily lingered wetland areas, where great numbers of mammals are accustomed at. The wetland is estimated to have contained the country’s 7.7 percent of the total water resource.  Seasonally, about a million white-eared Kobs migrate from Gambella to Buma National Park of South Sudan thereby making the parks where the second world’s largest wildlife migration is accustomed.

Geraylle National Park is primarily established to conserve endangered wildlife species of the country; gerenuk, and giraffe. There are more than 42 species of mammals and 250 bird species in it. Almost 25 percent of the country's endemic birds are inhibited in the area.

40 springs, 2 Lakes, 2 Rivers, 1 hot spring in a National Park”

Nech-Sar National Park where the coloration of southern Ethiopia comes into view situated within an area of 5142 km. inhabited with abundant biomass. The red-brown Abaya and the sky-like blue Chamo Lakes are the second and third largest Ethiopian Rift Valley lakes found in the southern escarpment of the park.

Omo National Park is where one can accustomed to a variety of mammal species with an h enormous number at a glance in plain areas of the park. The Omo River is where life emanates over also tranquil real nature. Unspoiled nature, and unspoiled culture where the authentic colors of nature twinkle.





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