Geralle National Park

Geralle National Park was primarily established to conserve endangered wildlife species including Gerenuk, Giraffe, and Elephants. Over 42 mammals and 250 bird species are known to occur. The park consists of savanna, woodlands, and open shrublands.

Wildlife: Elephant, Gerenuk, Greater and Lesser Kudu, Beisa Oryx, Grant Gazelle.

Birds: Whit-tailed Swallow, White-winged Dove, Juba weaver, Black-fronted francolin

Why visit this park?  Created to conserve rare large mammals and is also known for its great birdlife.


Park Discription

  1. Park areas are open from 6: 00 am – to 6:00 pm.
  2. Overnight stay is prohibited in any park area except in campsites.
  3. Fires are permitted only in existing fireplace grills using charcoal. No fire shall be left unattended, and any fire must be completely extinguished before leaving the area.
  4. Motorized vehicles must always remain on designated roadways and parking areas.
  5. All trash, litter, or refuse is to be placed in the provided trash receptacles. No dumping allowed.
  6. Hazardous Activities – It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in any activity on any park lands that constitutes a hazard to the safety of self or other persons.
  7. The use of any fireworks and/or weapons is strictly prohibited.
  8. It is unlawful to remove, damage, destroy, deface, or otherwise vandalize any park property, structure, sign, or vegetation.
  9. It is unlawful to hunt, trap, harass, or harm any wild animal, bird, or plant life.

Game driving, bird watching, nature walking, camping and others.

Camping grounds inside the park