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Ethiopia is one of the richest countries in wildlife diversity and varied landscape verity which ranges from 4543 masl to the low land of Denakil Depression 110 bsl. The total land covers 1.2 million square km. the country is also endowed with more than 80 languages and multi cultural diversity. Ethiopia is situated in the horn of Africa between 3 and 15 degrees north latitude and 33 and 48 degrees east longitude, and has total projected population of the about 100 million.

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EWCA offers a unique opportunity to take part in research, conservation efforts and tourism development in Ethiopia. If you are interested in joining us in our mission, our diverse team is looking for talent in various fields. Take a look at our vacancies.


researchs conducted

The Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority (EWCA) recognizes research as the principal management tool for the conservation and sustainable utilization of wildlife. To this end, it carries out research on wildlife issues using its Wildlife Research Professionals. The researches conducted by its professionals are never adequate and it has been using the services of foreign researchers to fill the gap.


Community Conservation Area

The Ethiopian wildlife Conservation Authority is a governmental authorized body that organized to mange National Parks, Sanctuaries, and control hunting areas of Ethiopia. Ethiopia is the second largest country in Africa with land area coverage of 1.12 million square kilometers, 8 percent of the total area covered by wildlife protected areas.